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Set & Prop Rentals

The Space Wench

Art Car / Stage

Originally, the Space Wench was a Mutant Vehicle built to sail the deserts of the Burning Man Festival, but throughout the years, the pirate airship has evolved into a mobile stage and unique addition to any small or large scale event.

The Space Wench rental includes delivery and pick up, setup & strike crew as well as option to add on a DJ booth and Function One sound system. 

Want more info?  Contact us here!

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Jabba Barge

Art Car / Stage

The Jabba Barge is a mutant vehicle aka: Art Car, which is the brain child of Adam Mostow more than four years ago. He knew the amount of work it would take to create the car and there would only be one person willing to take on the time it would take to make a masterpiece, fabricator and metal sculptor, David Haskell.

Together they created the Jabba Barge - the closest you will ever get to the Jabba.

If interested, contact Shoulder Bite Studios via the Jabba Barge website.

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Space Towers
Props / Large Scale Art

The 20 foot tall towers can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on the desired effects package (flame, smoke or water).  They can be enjoyed individually, as a pair or, for a maximum effect, the full set of 4.  Each tower can be viewed from all sides and can therefore be placed anywhere within the event and be used as beacons for points of interest.  When used as a set (of 2 or 4), they can frame a stage, a dance floor, an entryway, a walk way, etc.

Want more info?  Contact us here!


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