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What we Do

Design & Fabrication

Bring us your idea and we will help you make it a reality! 


It is important to us that you get exactly what you are asking for and that you understand the process that is involved in getting it.  Most of our jobs are large scale and can be unusual in nature, so we have developed a schedule of phases that clearly outlines the steps involved for clarity.


The job begins with the Design Phase, where we will together translate your idea into a clear intention, accompanied by a 3D CAD rendering.  


Once the design is solidified, we use the Discovery Phase to explore the possible ways that we can bring your idea to life.  Budget and deadline are big considerations during this phase as they directly effect how the job is approached.  Once the Discovery Phase is complete and we have a solid plan of action that we all are comfortable with, we move into the Production Phase.


We go to work bringing your idea to life.

You dont need all that?  No problem.  Bring us your specs and we'll get it done.

Check out some of our recently completed jobs in our Portfolio.  Have a great idea?  Let us know!


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